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 Truffles 2 Die 4

   These truffles will turn anyone into a chocoholic.

Each truffle is lovingly, made by hand, one at a time. The chocolate snaps open with the first bite and the filling inside is a heavenly delight. The inspiration for my motto...

"A truffle a day, keeps the doctor away".

Select all milk chocolate, all dark chocolate or a variety of milks and darks. Available filling flavors are raspberry, Irish Creme, hazelnut, and dark chocolate ganache,  plus some newer specialties such as orange cognac and red wine.  Flavor options may change as newer and better varieties are discovered by our select, world class chocolatiers.  Our truffles are made to order so that they are as fresh as can be.

Our truffles are a heavenly highlight of our chocolate tasting workshops.  To learn more about our tasting workshops, select from the menu on the left side of this page.

Available in a variety of packaging options including boxes and tins.  A truly divine gift!  Why not send them as a gift to yourself?
Below are just a few samples of our truffle gifts. To order just a few or several, contact us via email or call 1-877-473-5063.



Gold Box of Trufflespad

Valentine gold heart box of trufflespad


Small Valentine gold heart box of trufflespad


box of trufflespad




Gourmet Truffles Box                   
Retail price: $40 (box of 18)        
Valentine Truffles
Retail price: $59.95
Sale $50.95(box of 24)
  Valentine Truffles (small)
Retail price: $29.95
Sale $24.95 (box of 11)
           Truffles To Die For!
  Retail price: $14.95 (box of 5)

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